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Smihula, Daniel

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Sme - Slovakia | 12/01/2007

Slovakian pessimism

Slovakia has gained in international respect in recent years, and its economy is climbing rapidly. Yet political scientist Daniel Smihula complains that Slovakians remain trapped in their traditional pessimism. "Pessimism and whining things like 'we can't succeed, nothing is moving ahead,' damage not only the individual but also the entire society. And such characteristics as bigotry, jealousy or unreadiness for cooperation reduce the potential of an entire country. If Slovakia wants to be successful in the long term, its people have to transform their mentality, their entire approach to life. They have to start believing that, after many years of stagnation, limitations and failure, both their country and its citizens have a better future ahead."

Sme - Slovakia | 13/04/2006

Iran as a nuclear power

"Iran represents a very real nuclear threat," says political scientist Daniel Smihula, pointing out that Tehran is also putting intense work into a programme for the development of missiles. "From a military point of view, missiles with a range of several thousands of kilometres are relatively insignificant. Detonating a few hundred kilos of conventional explosives in a garden at that distance is an expensive business, but nothing more. This kind of missile only becomes a threat once its equipped with a nuclear warhead. A weapon like this in the hands of a strongly ideological and, worse still, isolated regime would be very dangerous. Basically, in a few years' time, Iranian nuclear missiles could be targeting places like South-eastern and Central Europe."

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