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Smiers, Joost

Politikwissenschaftler und Leiter der Forschungsstelle für Kunst und Ökonomie an der Kunsthochschule Utrecht

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Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | 29/05/2007

Joost Smiers attacks copyright law

Abolish copyright law and crush the culture monopolists, demands Joost Smiers, political scientist and director of the research department for art and economy at the Utrecht Academy of Art: "Abolishing copyright law would considerably diminish the power of today's culture industry, but this doesn't necessarily mean that its reign would come to an end. Established companies would continue to control the production, distribution and marketing of cultural assets. This is one of the reasons for their continued success: their absolute power over works of art, from their production to the end consumer. And this distribution model also determines which films, books and theatrical productions make it to the consumer. Therefore the culture market must be subjected to tighter competition laws. The big companies should be down-sized so that individual companies no longer have a major influence over what we see, hear and read."

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