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Smee, Jess

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The Guardian - United Kingdom | 10/11/2006

'Das Kapital' staged in Germany

The journalist Jess Spree informs us of a stage adaption in Dusseldorf of 'Das Kapital', Karl Marx's epic economic theory. "Not since Proust was serialised has a dramatist faced such a gargantuan task - turning catchy topics such as 'the production of absolute surplus value' into a crowd puller. To that purpose, the stage of the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus is bedecked with bookcases and a bust of Marx. Eight people - selected from among the few who have read the book from cover to cover - tell their own stories, creating a theatrical collage where Marx forms the common thread. The play, 'Kapital: Volume One', is the brainchild of Rimini Protokoll, a collective of young German directors who have made a name for themselves in 'documentary theatre'. ... Rimini Protokoll have had recent sellout shows, such as 'Blaiberg und Sweetheart 19', which included former heart transplant patients alongside people who had sought love on lonely hearts websites."

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