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Slojewska, Anna

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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 18/03/2014

EU membership a Polish success story

Poland was one of ten countries to join the EU on May 1 2004, and since then it has accessed a total of 60 billion euros in EU funding. The conservative daily Rzeczpospolita takes positive stock: "Among other things we've modernised our infrastructure. This sum also includes the billions received by farmers, which have helped Poland's agriculture make enormous advances that the national budget could never have financed. In exchange we've adapted our laws to EU standards, a move that would have made sense even if we weren't an EU member. For example the strict environmental guidelines have forced us to implement often painful reforms, including accelerating the reduction of CO2 emissions. Certainly, one can always argue back and forth about the extent to which such reforms must take place. Nevertheless it makes perfect sense to replace the dirty coal industry with modern solutions."

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 24/03/2006

The debate over economic patriotism

With an eye to the EU summit, Brussels correspondent Anna Slojewska criticises the contradictions in the policies of the Polish government. She points out that on the one hand Warsaw demands freedom of movement for Polish workers, but on the other it uses protectionist measures and is blocking the merger of the Polish subsidiaries of the Italian company UniCredit with the German HypoVereinsbank, drawing complaints from the European Commission. "We are prepared to fight for the opening of labour markets and the relaxation of the services directive in the 'old' EU because we see this as providing better opportunities for our companies. However, we're not prepared to renounce our right to intervene when it comes to foreign banks establishing themselves in the Polish market... The fact that this puts us in the company of notoriously protectionist states like France and Spain doesn't help."

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