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Skarga, Barbara

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Przegląd - Poland | 30/05/2006

Barbara Skarga on the lack of political culture in Poland

In an interview with Przemyslaw Szubartowicz, Polish philosopher Barbara Skarga attempts to explain why a society would turn to radical parties after 17 years of democracy. "The Poles lack the traditional bourgeois position. It is said that the principle of action and reaction applies in a society, and that it is never stable. This is particularly true of a younger democracy. It swings from one extreme to the other, sometimes adopting very radical views. There is no in-between. This demonstrates a lack of maturity and political culture. This does not exist in older democracies. Today it's Blair, tomorrow perhaps someone like Margaret Thatcher, but the fundamentals remain the same... Poland is a young democracy which is difficult to move about in."

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