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Siwe, Malin

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Expressen - Sweden | 27/08/2013

Sweden's highrise rush eases housing shortage

Sweden's capital Stockholm plans to build a 75-storey skyscraper. At 225 meters the Tellus Tower will be the highest building in Northern Europe. Last week Gothenburg also revealed plans for a 200 meter, 60-storey skyscraper. These construction projects have the potential to ease the rampant housing shortages in Sweden's major cities, the liberal tabloid Expressen comments approvingly: "If these communities can shine a little by building skyscrapers, who's to blame them? At least this may stop them from spending tax money on the race to build the most and the biggest sporting arenas. There's got to be an end to this. ... The present and future inhabitants of Sweden's university towns don't need to show off with huge sporting and culture complexes. They need housing."

Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 30/06/2006

The Swedish need for security

Columnist Malin Siwe takes an ironic view of the plans to ban telephoning in cars in Sweden, saying they may as well ban all passengers in cars because any type of conversation, and screaming kids in particular, distracts and causes stress in many drivers. She adds: "They should just ban all traffic. Then there wouldn't be any more accidents, or environmental damage. Göran Petersson's goal of reducing petrol consumption by 40 percent by 2020 would be achieved in next to no time. The nation's health would reach an all-time high if everyone went round on bikes and grew their own food. Things would certainly be safer, but at the expense of freedom, diversity and flexibilty. He who always puts safety first destroys the very life he is trying to save."

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