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Sivanandan, A

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The Guardian - United Kingdom | 13/09/2006

A. Sivanandan on integration and assimilation in multicultural Britain

"To use 'integration' and 'assimilation' as synonyms is not just to misuse language and confuse concepts, but to dissimulate practice”, writes A. Sivanandan, director of the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) based in London. "Integration provides for the coexistence of minority cultures with the majority culture; assimilation requires the absorption of minority cultures into the majority culture. The aim of assimilation is a monocultural, even a monofaith, society; the aim of integration is a multicultural, pluralist society... Going against the grain of its history, the UK has taken a leaf out of Europe's monoculturalist book and descended into nativism - conflating multiculturalism with culturalism and ethnicism, assimilation with integration, and extolling British values to the exclusion of all others - foreshadowing a monolithic society and a centralised state."

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