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Sionneau, François

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Le Nouvel Observateur - France | 13/02/2006

Europe's GM crop headache

Arnaud Gossement, a lawyer with the ecological association France Nature Environment, asserts that the transposition of the European directives of 2001 and 2003 into French law is a boon to GM producers. "We fully understand the main concern of the government in not wanting to lag behind other countries in the cultivation of GM crops." But this draft law "protects neither the farmer, nor the consumer, nor the citizen in general ... We need studies to be done on GM foods in order to determine their possible upsides and downsides, and know whether or not, on this basis, they should be commercialised. And we need these studies to avoid rushing into things as the government is  doing. ... If, indeed, there are no risks, then why don't the GM producers publish the studies they say they have done?"

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