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Sinkovicz, Wilhelm

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Die Presse - Austria | 11/01/2008

Viennese flock to Bratislava opera

Anyone who lives in Vienna and wants to go to the opera will gladly make the trip to the Slovakian National Theatre (SND) in neighbouring Bratislava, especially now that there are no more traffic jams at the border. Visitors from Vienna have one particularly good reason, reports Wilhelm Sinkovicz: "The difference between the musical performance companies in Vienna and Bratislava could hardly be greater. Look at the homepage of the Slovakian National Theatre and you will soon see what draws Austrian music lovers across the border: The productions offered here are noticeably free of any directorial theatre madness. Even if director Zuzana Gilhuss relies on an austere set and powerful lighting effects in the latest staging of Donizetti's 'Lucrezia Borgia,' the performers' costumes and gestures promise nothing unaccustomed, and we may complacently say: it's normal theatre."

Die Presse - Austria | 04/12/2006

Taking stock of the Mozart year

"So what have we gained from the Year of Mozart?" Wilhelm Sinkovicz asks, and responds: "There is only one answer to this single, all-moving, honest question: Money. Lots of money. Austria's economy took in infinitely more cash by using the aura of this composer - who so perfectly symbolizes the marketing bomb of 'Musicland' - than this land of music is willing to invest in cultural self-promotion. There is a lot of talk these days about indirect artistic profitability. To boost the economy, it is obviously sufficient to splash Mozart's name on website banners one more time in the place of cheap musicals that look the same around the world. And profit turnover immediately goes up 30 percent."

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