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Sinkovec, Stane

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Dnevnik - Slovenia | 18/09/2007

Where do Lipizanner horses come from?

In southern Slovenia, not far from the Italian border, lies the village of Lipica, the cradle of the famous Lipizzaner horses. But even encyclopaedias seldom have an entry for Lipica, and if they do the information given is often incorrect. They often situate it in the former Austria-Hungary, or mix up Slovenia with Croatia. "Is Slovenia terra incognita?" Stane Sinkovec complains: "Not only our MEPs and lovers of this magnificent breed of horses, but also our Foreign Minister urgently need to take action to ensure this situation improves. They should show their commitment to us and stop focusing exclusively on the big and global themes. It is precisely in this field that they could prove their knowledge and commitment. Then there wouldn't be so much false information circulating about us."

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