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Simon, François

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Le Figaro - France | 01/08/2007

'Ratatouille' with Ketchup

The French food critic François Simon offers an ironic view of the American animated film 'Ratatouille', a gastronomical tale of a rat-turned-chef who dreams of becoming a great chef in Paris. "'Ratatouille' belongs to that uninhibited school (in the pumped-up, Tour de France style) with its cynicism, its unsettling shortcuts (the stupid clientele) and caricatures of chefs. ... A few French chefs apparently advised directors Brad Bird and Bob Peterson at length. They must have had a ball roasting the food critic (Anton Ego) whose office is shaped like... a coffin! But, strangely enough, this Ego character doesn't hesitate to ruin his reputation in order to proclaim the genius of a ratatouille leaving one somewhat doubtful as to the quality of his advice. ... Thus we are tempted to reflect, and not without a certain delectation, that any old rat could become a film-maker."

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