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Simon, Anne-Catherine

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Die Presse - Austria | 13/01/2010

West too subservient towards Islam

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York no longer wants to exhibit pictures of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, apparently for fear of provoking Muslim protest. The daily Die Presse is critical of this stance: "The latter is typical of the West's submissive attitude towards religious traditions that stem from Islam. Yet it's obvious that many Muslims have nothing against pictures of the prophet - otherwise why is it possible to buy pictures that allegedly portray the young Muhammad next to mosques and mausoleums in Iran? Moreover, the justifications for this taboo are varied and sometimes even conflicting: some say prophets, who after all are only human, should not be depicted because of the danger of worship and exaggerated adulation, while others see pictures of Muhammad as an act of disrespect because a picture could never do full justice to the character of the prophet." 

Die Presse - Austria | 29/12/2005

Art Scandal in Vienna

"Jacques Chirac, Queen Elizabeth and George W. Bush stark naked and in naughty poses. The pubis of a woman covered by nothing more than a pair of blue underpants studded with the EU stars. If it wasn't for these motifs, the poster series marking the beginning of Austria's EU presidency, which can be seen in Vienna since Tuesday, would have gone virtually unnoticed - nothing more than a rather marginalised take on the subject of Europe put together by 75 young European artists." This is how Friederike Leibl and Anne-Catherine Simon describe the pan-European art initiative that has triggered a torrent of protest in Austria. In fact, only two of the 150 pictures have sexual themes. "'EU Presidency begins with Depraved Sex Posters' was the main headline in the 'Kronen Zeitung'. Austria had committed a 'grave offence' with 'porno posters' and 'depraved sex scenes' the newspaper went on."

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