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Simó, Endre

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Népszabadság - Hungary | 04/09/2007

Referendums on the EU treaty?

Endre Simó holds the view that the new EU treaty should be put to referendum before being adopted in the member states: "Opponents of a referendum argue that national parliaments embody the nations' sovereignty and that it's impossible to hold referenda on international treaties. But democracy works in a more complex way." Simó points out that the content of the new EU treaty merits particular attention. "The focus is quite literally on 'truly' free competition of capital, the right to work is of secondary importance... Free competition would extend to public services: healthcare, education, transport, postal services, and water, gas and electricity utilities... Since the reform treaty will have a vital and direct impact on the lives of EU citizens and entails the transfer of national sovereignty rights to Brussels, in my opinion every nation is entitled to vote directly on the treaty."

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