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Simeonova, Violeta

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Dnevnik - Bulgaria | 09/12/2008

EULEX is not welcome

Following a long delay the European Union Rule of Law Mission EULEX is about to take up its work in Kosovo. The daily Dnevnik writes that its fight against organised crime will meet with resistance: "Millions have found their way into people's pockets [in Kosovo] and billions have been invested in the construction of roads that still haven't been properly surfaced. Apartments that are a mere figment of someone's imagination have been rented out. ... A report by the health fund according to which 11,000 Serbs have undergone operations at the hospital in Gračanica at the cost of the state is particularly telling. That would entail the highly unlikely scenario that every citizen of Serb origin over the age of 18 has had an operation. Apart from the subtle distinctions between the various criminal practices in Kosovo and whether the money comes from drug trafficking or is being printed by bureaucrats, it would appear that both ethnic groups [Albanians and Serbs] have their own strong lobbies which oppose the EULEX battle against organised crime. The establishment of law and order is a thorn in their side."

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