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Šimečka, Martin M.

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1.  Dennik N - Slovakia | 08/12/2015

Fico turning Slovakia into a police state

Slovakia has the highest ratio of police officers to inhabitants in Europe, and their number is still growing. Prime Minister Robert Fico is obsessed with ... » more

2.  Dennik N - Slovakia | 09/06/2015

Czechs and Slovaks out of the EU!

The Czech Republic and Slovakia are among the EU states that most vehemently reject refugee quotas. With their xenophobic attitude the two countries don't really ... » more

3.  Respekt - Czech Republic | 20/10/2014

Press freedom needs paying readers too

The sale of shares in the publishing company that puts out the liberal Slovakian daily Sme to the investment firm Penta - which is suspected ... » more

4.  Respekt - Czech Republic | 31/03/2014

Slovakians show their democratic instincts

The Millionaire entrepreneur Andrej Kiska, who ran as an independent, won the runoff vote in Slovakia's presidential elections with an unexpected 20 percent points lead ... » more

5.  Respekt - Czech Republic | 06/02/2014

Those who vote for radicals become accomplices

The right-wing extremist Slovakian politician Marián Kotleba, who was elected last year as governor of the Banska Bystrica region, has for the first time become ... » more

6.  Respekt - Czech Republic | 22/01/2013

Zeman bad news for Czech Republic

In the Czech presidential election campaign the centre-left candidate Miloš Zeman has increasingly attacked his conservative rival Karel Schwarzenberg for his criticism of the Beneš ... » more

7.  Respekt - Czech Republic | 02/01/2013

Central Europe new centre of Continent

With its EU scepticism the Czech Republic is betting on the wrong horse, according to commentators Martin M. Šimečka and Jiří Sobota. On the website ... » more

8.  Respekt - Czech Republic | 21/08/2012

Press humilliates itself for financial reasons

Leading daily newspapers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia appeared last week with a white title page featuring only the words: "No news today, only ... » more

9.  Respekt - Czech Republic | 04/10/2011

Slovakia politically unready for Eurozone

Slovakia is considered the main hurdle in the approval process for expanding the euro bailout plan. So far Prime Minister Iveta Radičová has fought in ... » more

10.  2000 - Hungary | 12/10/2009

Martin M. Šimečka on the 20th anniversary of change in Eastern Europe

The Slovakian writer and journalist Martin M. Šimečka evaluates the developments in the 20 years following the change of political regimes in Central and Eastern ... » more


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