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Šilenas, Žilvinas

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Ekonomika - Lithuania | 09/06/2011

Nuclear plan needs sensible approach

The Lithuanian government has announced that it is seeking new investors for the construction of a nuclear power plant. The business paper Ekonomika warns against overoptimism: "The plan is important, but more important are the conditions under which it is executed. A project that is carried out irresponsibly has long-term repercussions and entails substantial financial obligations. Given the dimensions of the project the position that a new nuclear plant must be built at any cost is irresponsible and short-sighted. The financing and construction of such a power plant are doubtless complicated processes right from the outset. And a nuclear power plant is not operated in a vacuum. The electricity it generates must be sold, and this means that buyers must be found. For that to happen the electricity must be cheaper than that of other suppliers. If not there will be protests and people will ask why the plant is at all necessary."  

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