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signé, éditorial non

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1.  Le Monde - France | 09/07/2014

Hollande's reforms come too late

Four French unions have boycotted the second day of the so-called social conference on reform policy in Paris. A majority in the National Assembly voted ... » more

2.  Le Monde - France | 19/06/2014

Energy transition: Paris more adept than Berlin

France's Environment Minister Ségolène Royal on Wednesday presented a draft law for the energy transition according to which the proportion of nuclear power in the ... » more

3.  Le Monde - France | 29/04/2014

Paris powerless to prevent Alstom takeover

The administrative board of France's Alstom corporation apparently approved General Electric's ten-billion-euro takeover bid for its energy business on Tuesday night. The French Minister of ... » more

4.  Le Monde - France | 27/03/2013

BRICS agree only on criticising the West

The BRICS states Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa discussed the foundation of their own development bank at their meeting in Durban on Wednesday. ... » more

5.  Le Monde - France | 06/02/2013

Failed budget would be an opportunity

The EU must stop its incessant budget disputes and finally put together a sustainable budget, the liberal daily Le Monde demands: "These negotiations are unworthy ... » more

6.  Magyar Hírlap - Hungary | 01/08/2007

Hidden censorship in Eastern Europe

The newspaper writes that although there is no longer official censorship in East European countries, the mentality of censorship is still very much alive in ... » more


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