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Sierakowski, Slawomir

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Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 09/04/2008

Slavomir Sierakowski on the Polish left

In Poland, the left-wing bloc won only around ten percent of the votes in the last two elections and is the smallest opposition faction. Sławomir Sierakowski , editor in chief of the left-wing magazine "Krytyka Polityczna", explains why in a commentary: "The views of the left are not extremist. They are in harmony with European standards for human rights. The left's marginalisation is the result of false terminology which equates peripheral positions with extremism. ... We know from surveys that the left has great potential. ... It's just that people can only support certain slogans when they have reason to believe that these slogans will be coherently and consistently represented and that there is a genuine desire for their realisation, as well as adequate competence to back them up."

Krytyka Polityczna - Poland | 31/01/2006

Protests against the "Bolkestein Directive"

The editors of the left-wing quarterly call for protest against the Bolkestein Directive aimed at liberalising the EU's service sector, although it is generally thought the directive would benefit eastern European workers. The review's editor-in-chief, Slawomir Sierakowski, writes: "Those who have drawn up the directive claim it will boost the Union's competitiveness and productivity in the service sector. But its repercussions will be much more far-reaching. The regulations included in the directive will have the effect of reducing existing systems for protecting workers' and consumers' rights across the EU to a standardised minimum. It will allow companies to sidestep regulations for the protection of the environment, workers' rights and consumers."

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