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Sienkiewicz, Bartlomiej

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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 21/02/2007

The US missile defence system in Poland

The question of whether to participate in the US's missile defence system is still under debate in Poland. Talking to Piotr Gillert, security expert Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz warns that Poles should not expect too much: "We should participate in the project, especially as I fear NATO may no longer exist a couple of years from now. But the missile defence shield is not a miracle cure for our fear of Russia and will not guarantee absolute protection. The only way to achieve greater political security and reduce the risk of conflict in Europe is through Berlin. As long as German foreign policy corresponds with American foreign policy, we have nothing to fear. But whether this will continue to be the case is questionable. Gerhard Schröder demonstrated how little it takes to change this. It would be a great mistake on the part of our government to rely solely on an alliance with the US and its missile defence system. Berlin is just as important to our security as the presence of the Americans in Poland."

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