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Shouldice, Franck

Frank Shouldice is a playwright, scriptwriter, director and short story writer. In 1984, he won the Guinness Allingham Short Story Award for 'The Gift', ...

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The Irish Times - Ireland | 24/07/2007

A permenant display of Günter Grass's work

Frank Shouldice is an Irish writer who recently paid a visit to the Günter Grass Haus in Lubeck, Germany. "The building served as Grass's studio so it is a fitting place to explore the thoughts of one of Germany's greatest artists. Permanent exhibitions such as these are usually dedicated to achievements of the dead, but aged 79, the bespectacled, pipe-smoking Grass is very much alive. Not only is he a formidable writer and polemicist but, as I was about to learn, also a sculptor and painter of some repute. ... Rather than call it a museum, the organisers describe Günter Grass Haus as 'a crossroads forum where literature and the visual arts meet' and the emphasis is on its subject's 'double gift'. ... Just as his writings often favour metaphor, his sculpture and etchings draw on many of the same images - crustaceans, fish, rats, fungi. Few artists have the virtuosity to alternate their language of expression but Grass can articulate ideas using ink, paint, bronze or clay."

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