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Sharabov, Georgi

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Trud - Bulgaria | 03/09/2013

Don't leave host countries in the lurch

Bulgaria is gearing itself up in the current weeks for a greater influx of Syrian civil war refugees, many of whom pass through Turkey to enter the EU member country. But Bulgaria isn't financially equipped to give the refugees the help they need, the daily Trud warns: "According to international agreements we're obliged to provide refugees with accommodation, food and medical care. ... So why didn't the government request financial aid from the European Union long ago, especially considering that a Bulgarian [Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva] is responsible for humanitarian aid and crisis response? As the poorest EU member state, we needn't be ashamed to ask the richer ones for support. Otherwise we risk tensions between the Bulgarian population and the refugees. Then the Syrians would be forced to keep moving westward, and that would be even more costly for the EU."

Trud - Bulgaria | 15/09/2011

Buying votes a popular sport in Bulgaria

A special unit comprising police and prosecutors is to combat the buying of votes in the Bulgaria's local and presidential elections in October. A fine idea, but hard to implement, writes the daily Trud: "This is the right measure for a country where buying votes has become a mass sport. ... But the results achieved in court by this self-same unit after the parliamentary elections [in 2009] were unsatisfactory. There were a total of 97 judgements, 21 of which were acquittals. The remaining 76 accused got off with fines. The vote dealers paid their fines and that was that. Now they're eagerly awaiting fresh party money for the local and presidential elections. If the special unit wants to be more than just a scarecrow it should place undercover investigators among the vote dealers. And if the government wants to win the people's trust it should keep strict tabs on its own party structures, and not just on those of its opponents."

Trud - Bulgaria | 08/08/2011

Bulgarians celebrate the financial crisis

Against the background of the smouldering European debt crisis and the US's financial difficulties many an expert is warning about the next global financial crisis. But the crisis-ridden Bulgarians couldn't care less, quips the daily Trud: "We have no fear of a new crisis, especially because we are still in the middle of the last one. Before that we were in a host of other crises which replaced one another seamlessly and before that in socialism. So we're used to carrying on in a crisis. We have got so used to it that if there were no crisis we wouldn't feel at home or know what to do with ourselves. We even have a proverb for it: 'The better things are, the worse they can get.' And when the chips are down, we can always print more dollars. Some would call that counterfeit money, but it not less secured by real gold than the genuine American stuff."

Trud - Bulgaria | 22/11/2010

Sarkozy wants Schengen without Bulgarians

At the Nato summit in Lisbon French President Nicolas Sarkozy has made Bulgaria's accession to the Schengen zone conditional on a reduced level of corruption in the country. Georgi Sharabov responds with an angry and ironic open letter in the daily Trud: "Hey, Sarkozy, what did we do to deserve this? We welcome you with 'bonjour' and you reply with 'au revoir'. That's not fair! When you chased our Roma out of Paris in the summer all Europe rose up in anger against you, accusing you of allowing human rights violations and discrimination. There was nothing they didn't accuse you of. But we Bulgarians sided with you. Deport them, we said. We have no problems with France. But now we do have a problem: We're supposed to get corruption and crime under control before we can even think of becoming members of the Schengen zone. ... What about you, mon ami? Have you got illegal immigration in France under control? Are you doing a good job of guarding the southern borders of the Holy European Union?"

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