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Sevilla, Fran

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Diario de Sevilla - Spain | 02/02/2007

A certain form of journalism has passed away with Kapuscinski

The Spanish reporter Fran Sevilla praises the work of the Polish writer and journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski who died on January 23rd. "The difference is in the pace. The banal and mercenary journalism that is imposing itself so much nowadays, is rapidly devouring contents, rendering it obsolete just after it is released and pummelling it a bit before forgetting it. Journalism of conviction rests, to the contrary, on details, is drawn-out over time, is not rushed and develops what counts, because what counts deserves to be told slowly, with time for pause. .... As he went around the world, from war to war, he [Kapuscinski] learnt that cynicism is a kind of disdain for the suffering of others, coming from those who always slip away, who always have a return ticket in their pocket. In order to travel and practice good journalism, you should not think about going back. This is perhaps why Kapuscinski has left on a voyage of no return."

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