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Serres, Michel

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Le Temps - Switzerland | 13/04/2006

Michel Serres and cultural differences

In an interview with William Bourton, the French philosopher Michel Serres explains that we need to tell the history of humanity differently. "The human sciences, symbolised by Levi-Strauss, taught us about difference. And we respected different cultures in accordance with his teaching. Fifty years later, we explain this difference on the basis of a single evolution originating in the African cradle. And there we are talking rather about Yves Coppens... It is clear that languages, cultures, religions, and ways of adapting to the climate differ: there is clearly a difference between an Eskimo and an Indian of the plains, between a Parisian and some guy in Osaka. And this difference is preserved. But we have learned that it is adaptative, acquired. And that what was essentially innate was our human community, locked within DNA. Different though we may be, we share the same DNA."

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