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serra, Michele

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La Repubblica - Italy | 27/11/2007

Should a film about the mafia be banned from television?

On Monday, November 26th, the Italian Justice Minister Clemente Mastella requested the withdrawal from television of a fictional work about the life of Mafia leader Toto Riina, considering that the directors made a hero of him. Michelle Serra ponders the polemic between the minister and Canale 5, the private channel that programmed the film, '"Is depicting the mafia, and depicting it rather well as in the Canale 5 fiction, 'The Boss of Bosses', incitement to follow in his foot steps? This, to a certain degree, is what the Minister of Justice believes by ordering its suspension. His is a minority voice, but not at all isolated preceded by that of a magistrate and those of several Sicilian mayors. ... In view of the mafia's current state of health, it is less a question of portraying the evil, than of having failed to portray it enough, out of convenience, complicity, or laziness."

La Repubblica - Italy | 20/08/2007

Michele Serra on the loss of identity behind increased intolerance

The journalist Michele Serra considers a recent report published by the NGO Human Rights First according to which there has been an increase in hateful demonstrations against homosexuals, Jews and Muslims. "As simple citizens, we can confirm that this re-emergence of racism is an identity perversion : in the chaos of a globalised and migrating world, many weak people hang on to an identity, whether national, religious, racial or political to 'protect' them against the real or imagined enemy. This is an identity-shelter, which allows us to belong to a 'group' and oppose 'others'. ... We lack an antidote [against hatred]: a civil European identity that is shared, democratic and strict..., a political and cultural roof over our heads to protect our minds from confusion and poverty ... ."

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