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Sergent, François

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Libération - France | 16/08/2013

Egypt's generals kill the Arab Spring

The blind violence of the Egyptian military is tearing Egypt apart, the left-liberal daily Libération writes: "General al-Sisi, the country's real strongman, has exposed the true nature of the regime. He wants to install by force a military dictatorship à la [ex-president] Mubarak. The West, which de facto supported the coup d'état, must condemn this violent repression, which will bring further massacres in its wake. The democrats and secular forces who lend their support to this butchering today are kidding themselves if they think they'll be spared if they ever get in the military's way. Ultimately this blind violence will only serve the Islamists, in Egypt as elsewhere in the Muslim world. The Egyptian generals are killing the Arab Spring."

Libération - France | 09/10/2012

Fight anti-Semitism in France

One person was killed and eleven arrested on the weekend during a countrywide operation by the French police against presumed Islamist extremists. The reason for the razzias was an attack on a Jewish business in September. France must do all it can to combat anti-Semitism, the left-liberal daily Libération urges: "In 2012, Jews have been attacked in France because they are Jews. Kosher shops, religious sites and schools like the one in Toulouse were subject to targeted attacks. According to the police, the group arrested this weekend had compiled a list of locations that are of special significance for Jews. ... It is a lost youth from underprivileged areas in France that sees Jews as the enemy. The president and his government are right to deal harshly with this crime. In France there can be no excuses, no justifications and no indulgence for racism or anti-Semitism. The country must do all it can to fight and eradicate this absolute evil - everywhere where a false interpretation of Islam fosters hatred in twisted souls."

Libération - France | 20/07/2009

Images that still make us dream

The daily Libération describes the mystique still surrounding the moon landing even forty years later: "The images, even in black-and-white, still make us dream. The Soviet Union, once the great rival, has disappeared, the moon is forgotten, and the astronauts are old men who take small steps. What remains is the moonwalk, the real one, the original. July 20 is also that unending cultural matrix that inspired all the great American writers of the last century, from [Norman] Mailer to Tom Wolfe and [John] Updike. The music scene and Hollywood haven't forgotten The Dark Side of the Moon either. Space is that last frontier, but today an imaginary one, a dubious Utopia, far from the certainties of Nasa and [John F] Kennedy. Back to earth."

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