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Sentís, Carlos

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La Vanguardia - Spain | 26/11/2010

Porno commercials leave young Catalan voters cold

Opinion surveys are predicting a low turn-out in the regional elections in the Spanish autonomous region of Catalonia. And the suggestive and xenophobic election commercials will do nothing to change that, the Catalan daily La Vanguardia warns: "They have even managed to top some of the past excesses in Italy. Take for instance the video of a young female voter simulating an orgasm at the moment she casts her vote for the socialist candidate. Borrowing scenes from porno films is hardly likely to convince young voters, for this group either does not vote at all or else votes very discerningly. Some of the advertising professionals have gone so far that the commercials are being condemned by British newspapers, which are not usually at all squeamish. One should say that these excesses are being perpetrated by both left- and right-wing parties. The [conservative People's Party] PP, for example, had to withdraw a cartoon commercial which showed immigrants without residence permits being shot at."

La Vanguardia - Spain | 25/07/2008

French linguistic chauvinism

The Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, which is published in Catalonia criticises the French attitude to minority languages. "Whereas almost all EU countries have signed a ... declaration on the preservation of minority languages, France has refrained from doing so. Its attitude towards languages other than French that are spoken in France is the most blatant example of an exaggerated centralism, which is practiced in other European countries, too. ... There was no need for French to annihilate other languages spoken in domestic or rural settings in order to defend itself. ... Can the situation be rescued? Only with difficulty, for once languages are dead or almost dead, they cannot be revived even by Latin, which was once the origin of many languages."

La Vanguardia - Spain | 13/01/2006

The Hispano-Portuguese relationship

The journalist Carlos Sentis takes stock of the Hispano-Portuguese relationship in light of recent comments by the Portuguese writer José Saramago that he favoured a rapprochement between the two countries. "This credo is at odds with the thinking of Portuguese officialdom, which has been hard at work for years trying to make people forget that Portugal is surrounded by Spain and that, consequently, it would have to leapfrog over the entire Iberian peninsula in order to get culturally closer to France and politically closer to England. (...) Nobel Literature laureates are not necessarily right when speaking about non-literary matters. But we nonetheless concede that they speak with a certain authority due to the honour they have been awarded. Saramago, an unconventional person from head to toes, alluded to one possible future between Spain and Portugal without recalling that it existed in the past, but failed, due to over-'Castilianisation'. Will Spain one day become Hispania again?"

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