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Sengès, Gilles

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1.  Les Echos - France | 28/08/2008

Spain brought back to reality

The business daily Les Echos analyses the impact of the current global economic crisis on Spain: "Just like the French authorities, who in 1996 claimed ... » more

2.  Les Echos - France | 28/02/2007

Airbus shareholders set a bad example for employees

This February 28th, the European aircraft manufacturer is due to present its redevelopment plan named 'Power8' which is bound to entail the suppression of jobs ... » more

3.  Les Echos - France | 19/02/2007

The difficult mission in the hands of Airbus president

"How to create a psychological shock without provoking too much social or political upheaval in France, Germany, Great Britain and in Spain, where most of ... » more

4.  Les Echos - France | 18/01/2007

Airbus can benefit from a critical situation

The announcement on Wednesday, January 17th, of further disappointment for Airbus, which is losing its status as the world's number one in the sector, does ... » more

5.  Les Echos - France | 21/12/2006

European Commission presses airlines to go green

"The world of aviation could not have hoped to escape efforts being made all over the place to fight global warming", notes the editorialist Gilles ... » more

6.  Les Echos - France | 19/10/2006

The liberalisation of the postal sector in Europe

For the editorialist Gilles Senges, complete liberalisation of the postal sector is "a little time-bomb, social and political, unless it is accompanied step by step ... » more

7.  Les Echos - France | 03/07/2006

The need to reform EADS

Columnist Gilles Senges believes that the nomination of Louis Gallois to the co-Presidency of EADS is but a "transitory solution” that changes nothing in terms ... » more


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