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Sen, Faruk

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Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | 20/07/2007

The European question in Turkish elections

Faruk Zen, director of the Centre for Turkish Studies in Germany, says Europe has a role to play in the upcoming Turkish elections: "At present there is no political force in Turkey that, in the eyes of Turkish voters, offers a convincing combination of pro-European orientation and Kemalism. But such a force is needed to propel Turkey towards Europe once more. Turkey will only adopt a European perspective if the Turkish people are made to understand that EU membership is in their own interest. This requires that Europe also put forward its own argumentation to this end. One can only hope that the major European states - where scepticism towards Turkey has won the upper hand - won't just sit back and watch events unfold with a secret sense of satisfaction. This would serve neither Turkey's nor Europe's interests."

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