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Seifert, Sabine

Seifert, Sabine

Sabine Seifert was an editor for euro|topics. She studied German studies and History before going on to work as a cultural editor at the tageszeitung and as a freelance journalist.

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The author has so far published 6 articles on euro|topics.

1.  Debate | 19/02/2008

The symbolic power of the euro

Fifteen of the 27 EU states belong to the euro zone. While the "old” EU states Britain, Denmark and Sweden have chosen to remain outside the currency union, the new eastern European members are particularly eager to join. How strong is the unifying power of the euro? » more

2.  Debate | 28/12/2007

Europe's monarchs must prove their worth

Eight European countries still have constitutional or parliamentarian monarchies as their state form, where the king or queen is regarded as a guarantor of democracy and national unity. But is the monarchy up to this task? » more

3.  Debate | 12/09/2007

Economic Patriotism - A Threat to the European Market?

The term "economic patriotism" has been circulating in the rhetoric of European economic policy since it was first coined in 2005. A number of European governments are taking action to prevent transnational takeovers and mergers. Is this protectionist behaviour having a detrimental impact on Europe's single market - and by extension on national economies? » more

4.  Debate | 22/05/2007

How pro-European is Nicolas Sarkozy?

For months Europe has been waiting for France. Now a new president has been elected and a new generation is at the helm. Will European politics benefit from the changes Nicolas Sarkozy has promised? » more

5.  Debate | 18/04/2007

Should Holocaust Denial be Banned?

In the battle against right-wing extremism German Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries wants an EU-wide ban on denial of the Holocaust. But does such a ban make sense? And wouldn't it encroach on freedom of expression? » more

6.  Debate | 29/01/2007

The Limits of Expansion

From the original six countries, to the 27 of today; since the European Union began, its expansion has proceeded in steps. But no expansion has pushed the Union so far to its limits as the eastward one. » more

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