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Seifert, Heribert

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Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | 07/12/2007

Heribert Seifert on Europe's national public spheres

The desire for a "European public sphere" still hasn't been fulfilled, Heribert Seifert notes. "At present only the Internet, with a series of publicly funded online magazines, provides forums for transnational communication.,, and all provide platforms which enable people to inform themselves quickly and reliably about key political and cultural topics under discussion in European countries. Either multilingual or using English as a lingua franca, these online media provide an overview of the diversity of opinion within Europe. ... For even transnational publishing houses can't propagate the idea of Europe without taking the moods of national public spheres into account. It's not just the Springer group's German and Polish newspapers that argue from a primarily national perspective when it comes to contentious issues in European politics. Czech journalists in Prague have reported that Czech newspapers controlled by German publishing houses tend to adopt a particularly harsh stance towards Germany."

Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | 20/10/2006

The 'Daily Telegraph' goes multimedia

Heribert Seifert reports on how London's Daily Telegraph newspaper is "reinventing" itself, at the expense of 133 jobs. "The copy-deadline has been replaced by several 'touchpoints' spread over the day where readers can call up information in their preferred format... This gives the 'Daily Telegraph' a major advantage over competitors like the 'Guardian' who already have a regularly updated PDF online edition ('guardian g24'). This move is intended to bridge the gap between print and online editions. Journalists produce content that is distributed into different media containers around the clock... Editors and reporters no longer write and edit exclusively for print and online editions but also produce audio and video reports which they edit themselves."

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