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Seidenfaden, Tøger

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Politiken - Denmark | 29/03/2008

Should Wilders be censored?

The Danish daily writes that "clever" Dutch imams and Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen are right to remain silent on the subject of the anti-Islam film "Fitna". "If this miserable piece of work triggers a media debate and political reactions, it will only be because of the 'cartoon row'. Here in Denmark the polarised discussion and Muslim death threats have led many people to forget that defending the right to freedom of expression is no excuse to switch off one's brain and forget the difference between argument and propaganda, between public discussion and hate-fulled vilification."

Politiken - Denmark | 29/03/2007

An uncertain future for Iraqi refugees in Denmark

In Denmark around 600 Iraqi refugees are waiting for a decision about their future. Despite the fact that some of them have been living in the country for ten years and have children there, they are not allowed to work. Tøger Seidenfaden criticises the arguments put forward by Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen's conservative government. "They claim any measures that make things easier for these people will lead to an uncontrollable wave of immigration. This line of argumentation is false, and this is obvious from the fact that only last year the government was boasting about how secure it had made the borders over the past few years. Denmark's real problem is certainly not illegal immigration... They also argue that politicians can't simply ignore the decisions of the Ministry of Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs.... This is also false. After all, the ministry makes its decisions on the basis of rules laid down by the government."

Politiken - Denmark | 19/11/2006

Ségolène Royal in the race for presidency

Following Ségolène Royal's election as the Socialist's presidential candidate, editor in chief Tøger Seidenfaden is looking forward to the upcoming election campaign. "It's a mistake to write Royal off as superficial and opportunistic. It's brave of her to defend Tony Blair's socio-liberal policies in a country where the left regards itself as strongly anti-liberal. And Royal's efforts to convince voters that they really can influence politics are vital in a country like France, with its rigid political culture. Although President Chirac is keeping quiet about it, there can be no doubt that Nicolas Sarkozy will be Royal's adversary in the elections. This means France's two most interesting politicians will be competing against each other, because Sarkozy is also not afraid to talk about the country's problems openly. Neither of these two candidates uses the classic evasive tactics of French politicians who think they can close the country's borders and that Brussels is to blame for everything that goes wrong anyway."

Politiken - Denmark | 08/10/2006

The murder of Anna Politkovskaya

The Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya was shot dead on October 7 in Moscow. She was well known for being an outspoken critic of the Russian government and for her reports on the situation in Chechnya. The Danish daily's editor in chief, Toger Seidenfaden, comments: "Anna Politkovskaya was fighting a losing battle in a Russia where independent journalism and critical commentary on issues awkward for the government are becoming increasingly restricted. Putin's Russia is proof that a country and its people can be brought to its knees by brute force. ... Politkovskaya did not have much influence in Russia. She worked for a small newspaper. But she was an important voice in the rest of the world. With great courage and clarity, she gave us an insight into the reality of the situation there. Her murder is a tragedy and symbolic of Putin's Russia and its twisted combination of fear, absolute power and unabashed brutality."

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