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Seidel, Eberhard

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Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 07/09/2007

Eberhard Seidel on Islamism as the internationalism of the 21st century

Two of the terrorist suspects recently arrested in Germany are German converts to Islam. This has prompted a discussion about whether converts are particularly susceptible to radicalisation. Eberhard Seidel comments: "In Germany at present there are two panaceas on offer that promise to beat the system and enhance one's status on offer: right-wing extremism and Islamism. For obvious reasons right-wing extremism, with its nationalist ideological foundations, is unattractive to youths and young adults from immigrant families. Islamism, on the other hand, dispenses with the exclusivity of 'blood' and is open to anyone who voluntarily professes their belief in it - irrespective of national, religious, social or ethnic background. Islamism, as the internationalism of the 21st century, is therefore also attractive to people searching for meaning and action in their lives, who weren't been born into the Islamic tradition."

Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 15/03/2007

Anti-Semitism in Europe

Michael Kiefer and Eberhard Seidel note that "anti-Semitism is gaining force in Europe" and take a closer look at the phenomenon of Islamic anti-Semitism. "This anti-Semitism, which is disguised as Islamism, is a problem. It is not a religious phenomenon. Those who think it is are misjudging the dimensions of modern anti-Semitism - the fact that it's essentially a flexible code that can be easily adapted to fit in with either secular or religious ideological concoctions. The secret of its success is that in this cold, globalised world it offers a vision that, with the aid of abstruse conspiracy theories, names those responsible for all the misery: the Jews."

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