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Sedivy, Jiri

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Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 20/07/2006

US missile defence system in the Czech Republic

In an essay published by the daily Jiri Sedivy, former chief of staff of the Czech army, speaks out in favour of the construction of an American missile defence system in the Czech Republic. Opponents of this idea claim that the US base would be no different to the military posts maintained by the Soviet Union before 1989. Sedivy does not concur: "I fundamentally disagree with any kind of comparison between this and the stationing of Soviet troops in Czechoslovakia. The Warsaw Pact forced us to be allies. Today, we have the choice. In 1968 the Soviets came through our door without asking permission and stayed for two decades. The US is asking permission to station a few hundred soldiers here on our own terms. If we say no, the missile defence system will be built elsewhere."

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