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Sdravkova, Ianina

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Sega - Bulgaria | 08/12/2014

Bulgaria fails to integrate Roma

Because of the ever-increasing number of attacks by Bulgarian Roma on paramedics, mobile intensive care units will now only enter Roma neighbourhoods under police escort, Bulgaria's health minister announced on Friday. That is not a long-term solution, the daily Sega criticises: "Despite the innumerable integration projects, support programmes and international subsidies, the state has done nothing over the years to bring the Roma ghettos even a millimetre closer to the rest of society. Clearly the Roma are not going to look after their health on their own. They won't go to school, look for work and pay health insurance on their own. Left to themselves they will always only respect their own laws. What is needed is effective integration programmes that will bear fruit in ten to twenty years, if not immediately."

Sega - Bulgaria | 21/08/2009

Dialysis pays - for corrupt officials

Bulgaria does not have enough donor organs. The new Prime Minister Boyko Borisov is now part of an advertising campaign promoting more transplants. The daily Sega comments: "Bulgarians aren't going to donate their organs because they don't trust the state or its health system. That's not going to change, regardless of whether Boyko and his ministers carry around 'I'm an organ donor' certificates in their wallets. And even if they did people still wouldn't want to donate their organs. ... Who would do such a thing in a state with more than 2,000 dialysis patients who are rightly convinced that kidney transplants receive less public support because transplant patients bring the state less money than dialysis patients? Because dialysis secures more public contracts and commissions for corrupt officials."

Sega - Bulgaria | 02/02/2007

The Bulgarian way of life under threat

Janina Sdrawkowa takes stock of Bulgaria's first month in the EU: "The country's accession to the EU has been accompanied by the imminent and inevitable threat of inflation - in all areas. However, membership isn't just affecting our finances, it's also having a profound impact on other areas, on our mentality and our way of life. There's the heavy tax on homemade spirits, and cucumbers now have to be 25 cm long and straight to be qualify for the A-class category… And now another threat is looming on the horizon: smoking is to be confined to the home. All these things are fundamental to the Bulgarian way of life. Without spirits, salad and cigarettes, life for Bulgarians is as boring and pointless as a cucumber."

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