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Scruton, Roger

Roger Scruton is a philosopher and a research professor at the Institute for the Psychological Sciences, Virginia

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Prospect Magazine - United Kingdom | 25/07/2007

Roger Scruton on how spiritual beliefs can both cause and resolve violence

Writer and philiosopher Roger Scruton considers that "Religion is not primarily about God, but about the human need for the sacred. ... It is not surprising that decent, sceptical people, observing the revival in our time of superstitious cults, the conflict between secular freedoms and religious edicts, and the murderousness of radical Islamism, should be receptive to the anti-religious polemics ... . What is a little more surprising is the extent to which religion is caricatured by its current opponents, who seem to see in it nothing more than a system of unfounded beliefs about the cosmos. ... Enlightenment thinkers, having shown the claims of faith to be without rational foundation, did not then dismiss religion. ... Many went on to conclude that religion must have some other origin than the pursuit of scientific knowledge, and some other psychic function than consolation."

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