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Schweitzer, Andras

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The Guardian - United Kingdom | 22/10/2015

Exodus to Europe: Andras Schweitzer on the lack of compassion in Eastern Europe

Most Eastern European states have shown less willingness than the Western European states to take in refugees from the Middle East and Africa. The main reason for this is the ethnic conflicts of the last century in the region, columnist Andras Schweitzer writes in the centre-left daily The Guardian: "The most important factor for the 'compassion deficit' is fear - and not only on the personal level. In Eastern Europe, where borders were frequently redrawn, the nation is still widely seen as an ethnic/cultural entity rather than a political one, and cultural and ethnic homogeneity is regarded as an asset that helps to prevent the disintegration of the state. ... As long as the concept of the 'nation' remains ethnically defined (Hungarian-speaking Slovak citizens are generally considered Hungarians both in Slovakia and in Hungary), the integration of immigrants is much more problematic than in those western countries where nationality basically equals citizenship."

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