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Schwarz, Manfred

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Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | 20/08/2007

Balthus paintings in Cologne

Manfred Schwarz went to see an exhibition of the drawings and paintings of French painter Balthus in Cologne. "Balthus is the kind of painter of delicately-built nymphs and provocatively sensual Lolitas for whom the soft-focus, the chaise longue and the frilly blouse seem to have been invented... But above all there is also the painter Balthus who, as his friend Antonin Artaud once put it, used the metallically harsh, razor sharp techniques of the likes of Jacques-Louis David to 'crucify' reality; who employed his brush to excise the metaphysical deformities of modernist painting which bloomed between Klee and Kandinsky... This bold, yet at the same time pompous creator of some of the finest works of the 1930s, which present a wonderful combination of elements of realism and new realism, classicism and surrealism - this painter's work can now be viewed at the Cologne exhibition."

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | 06/03/2006

Three Beckmann exhibitions in Frankfurt

No less than three exhibitions currently showing in Frankfurt are dedicated to the German painter Max Beckmann. Manfred Schwarz visited them looking for new aspects in Beckmann's works. "Max Beckmann, that unbearable chauvinist and unrestrained pessimist, is a thrillingly magnificent painter. Although in many ways he appears to have been heavily influenced by the stifling atmosphere of the late nineteenth century, he is without a doubt one of the great masters of modern art... Despite the fact that many of the casually painted still life pictures and rolling landscapes on show at the exhibition (Max Beckmann – The water-colours and pastel paintings) certainly don't show the artist at his best, there are a few delicious moments in which Beckmann - so fond of shocking and rocking the world with his 'cold' gaze – wrings a smile from us. Like when he portrays himself in a cap and a bathrobe on a harmless summer day: superman as a vegetable gardener."

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