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Schwartz, Stephen

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The Spectator - United Kingdom | 24/08/2006

The terrorist threat to Europe

Stephen Schwartz, a journalist and author who became Muslim in 1997 after reporting on the break-up of Yugoslavia, believes "the UK faces the most serious jihad danger of any country in Western Europe. Imported Muslim clerics are the basis of the threat. Islam in the UK is overwhelmingly influenced by imams and other religious officials born in Pakistan and trained in that country or in Saudi Arabia. Pakistani Sunni mosques in Britain are major centres for jihadist preaching, finance, incitement and recruitment. The Islamic picture in the UK is much darker than that in Germany, where most Muslims are Turkish and, when they turn to radicalism, follow either a Marxist or a nationalist inspiration — or even that in France, where social dislocation and violent outbursts by the discontented young have produced, perhaps surprisingly, efforts by leading clerics to calm the community."

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