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Schuster, Robert

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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 28/01/2015

Syriza putting Merkel under pressure at home

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has reacted calmly to the outcome of the Greek elections but this demonstrative composure is just a front, the conservative daily Lidové noviny suspects: "Syriza's victory has changed a few things. The Germans quite rightly fear that a persistently defiant Alexis Tsipras will set an example for all those who aren't happy with Merkel's harsh course. ... Pumping more and more billions into other economies was never a popular measure with the German public. In the past politicians were able to ignore this; this attitude didn't affect the elections. But that has changed. And not just the election successes of the Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany party show this. Also phenomena like Pegida testify to growing alienation between the citizens and their elected representatives. Merkel must take this into account in adopting her stance regarding the new Greek prime minister."

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 15/06/2007

Austria's confrontation with its past

Robert Schuster writes on the death of the former UN Secretary-General and Austrian President: "His name will not be remembered in connection with his work at the helm of the United Nations. In Austria, Waldheim became a symbol of a slow and sometimes painful confrontation with the country's Nazi past. It has never been conclusively proven that Walheim played an active role in the extermination of the civilian population as a Wehrmacht soldier in Greece and Bosnia. The problem was that for too long he remained silent about his past and then told lies about it... His election as president was therefore not the highlight of his career, but only the beginning of his international isolation, which lasted until he died."

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