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Schüpbach, Marcel

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24 heures - Switzerland | 02/08/2006

International justice on the big screen

As part of the Locarno Film Festival opening this Wednesday, August 2, the Swiss filmmaker Marcel Schüpbach is presenting 'La Liste de Carla' ['Carla's List'], which focuses on the work of the International Criminal Tribunal (ICT). In an interview with Claude Ansermoz, Schüpbach explains that his film tells two parallel stories. "That of Carla del Ponte [the ICT's chief prosecutor], who runs around the planet in search of justice. And that of the mothers of Srebrenica who have been waiting 10 years for justice to be done and ask themselves: is justice possible? What is the use of arresting Mladic and Karadzic today? This cannot bring back the dead. All of the ICT's work poses questions as simple and basic as these. In the end, one can legitimately ask oneself if there is a purpose to all of it. Personally, I think there is, but for a future conflict, in order to demonstrate that the powerful can also be judged. If we give up now, we will abandon the planet to savagery without bounds."

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