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Schüller, Rainer

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Der Standard - Austria | 10/02/2006

Responsibility in the cartoon dispute

As the "Gatekeepers" or "bouncers" of the media world, journalists decide which information is published, Rainer Schüller writes. He calls on the media to assume its responsibilities in the cartoon dispute. "It's simply unnecessary to 'prove' that extremists react extremely to provocation. The gatekeepers would have done better to keep the gate closed, because now a war is raging about a joke, and it has already left some casualties in its wake and is having increasingly absurd repercussions, like the Iranian 'Holocaust competition' counteroffensive." Schüller points out that the media is "also to blame. It helped get us into this mess and now it should help us get out of it. This brings us back to the bouncers: Stories that promise to increase circulation and generate a lot of Internet activity (e.g. the plans of several European newspapers to publish the Holocaust cartoons), but that will certainly lead to an escalation in the conflict should be kept out of the media."

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