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Schovanek, Radek

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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 26/01/2006

The Condemnation of the Crimes of Communism

"Fifteen years after the collapse of communism, we are still unable to answer even the most basic questions as to how it functioned," historian Radek Schovanek laments, on what he sees as the inadequate historical analysis of the totalitarian regime in former Czechoslovakia. "Even today, there are still no comprehensive studies on the repression exercised by the former regime. The shelves of bookshops are devoid of monographies on the Ministry of State Security, military espionage, the courts, the prisons, or the leadership of the entire, repressive machinery of the communist party. For this type of analytical work we need to found a national memorial institute which is adequately funded and politically independent. It's not about disgracing individuals who belonged to the old regime; it's about understanding the mechanisms of totalitarian power."

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