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Schoutheete, Philippe De

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La Libre Belgique - Belgium | 10/02/2006

Giving Europe its confidence back

Philippe De Schoutheete, the director of European studies at the Royal Institute of International Relations, makes the case that the current European climate "is not conducive to ambitious projects and grand decisions. Given this, the best course is undoubtedly not to immediately reopen the constitutional debate, however important it may be, but to focus instead on more modest, but concrete, projects. Where are they to be found? Clearly in the subjects that interest the European citizen and that one comes across all the time in opinion polls. A well-coordinated anti-terror fight, cross-border crime, and illegal immigration: that is security within our borders. The same kind of effort to maximise Europe's weight on the world stage, and to make it an international player capable of influencing, and channeling, the inexorable march of globalisation: that is security beyond our borders. Finally, a European strategy for growth and jobs which the plan adopted in Lisbon in 2000 is clearly incapable of providing: that is economic governance."  

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