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Schoune, Christophe

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Le Soir - Belgium | 07/04/2008

Dominique Bourg calls for environmental justice

In an interview conducted by Christophe Schoune, French philosopher Dominique Bourg discussed the environmental challenge facing the world. "Let's assume that the idea that technological progress could save us is a falsehood. I'm tired of this illusion that consists of convincing us that we can solve our problems with growth or with technological progress, as important as they may be. It's not true. If we want to meet the challenges of this situation and avoid dramatic scenarios before the middle of this century, the flow of material, energy included, has to be reduced. ... If we want to substantially reduce the flow of material, even with dematerialisation strategies, circular economies... , the question of justice must be central. Either environmental efforts are made on the principle of a better distribution of wealth and it becomes possible for everyone to participate, or the efforts are made against this principle, and everyone cannot. This could lead to a planetary crash. Without environmental justice, it would be chaos."

Le Soir - Belgium | 19/02/2007

Serge Latouche wants to stymie economic growth

The French economist Serge Latouche, author of the book 'Le pari de la décroissance' ('Betting on decline'), does away with the myth of 'more is better' in an interview conducted by Chrisophe Schoune. "Why growth rather than decline ? A means to an end is being taken for an end in itself. Economical growth to satisfy our needs makes sense to a certain extent. But this growth is a river in high tide. Economic decline is the necessary waning of this river that floods everything. ... This means breaking away from a religion, a cult and a belief system that we all belong to. We have all been formatted by this notion of 'more is better', of unlimited accumulation, of this mechanism which seemed virtuous and now appears infernal, with its destructive effects on humanity and the planet. The necessity to change this logic means reinventing society on a human scale re-establishing a sense of measure and imposed limits, because, in the words of my colleague Nicholas Georgescu, 'infinite growth is incompatible with a finite world'."

Le Soir - Belgium | 02/02/2007

Acting against climate change

"May the bell tolled by the world's scientific upper crust this Friday [February 2nd] in Paris, finally convince citizens and decision-makers to act", urges the editorialist Christophe Schoune. "Is ecological governance necessary to stop our fate from rapidly resembling that of the dinosaurs ? The idea of a UN environmental organisation, put back on the drawing board by the president Jacques Chirac and Europe, has the advantage of being coherent and efficient (on paper). But the initiative, that does little to reassure southern countries, is not very likely to succeed in the short term, while the question of global warming requires immediate answers. Two decades is the time remaining for humanity's boat to radically change its course and transform its modes of production and consumption."

Le Soir - Belgium | 25/04/2006

The lessons of Chernobyl

For editorial writer Christophe Schoune, Chernobyl should encourage us to "turn our backs on the dead-end of nuclear energy": "Twenty years after this end-of-millennium apocalypse, the stigmata of the disaster remind us that nuclear safety is not something to be trifled with. The West's nuclear power stations, reportedly protected from similar failures, are ageing, and signs of fatigue are becoming more evident. Faced with this reality, the industry, seeking to prolong its life annuity, refutes the alarmism of the Cassandras. And is donning the mantle of a green conversion. This is a sledgehammer argument: faced with global warming, safe nuclear power is the only mass energy source that produces very little greenhouse gas. True. But the nuclear lobby neglects to mention that the best potential way of fighting climate change lies in energy conservation."

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