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Schottenius, Maria

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Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | 06/10/2007

Sweden's most popular blog discontinued

Sweden's most popular blogger, Alexander Schulman, last week closed down his blog, which attracted over 250 thousand readers a week, published on the homepage of Swedish daily Aftonbladet. Schulman explained the move saying his readers were chiefly interested in reading gossip about celebrities and that he was "filled with self-disgust". Now Sweden is debating the importance of blogs. Maria Schottenius writes that it's "a major mistake to consider blogs as a revolutionary development on a par with the advent of the Internet or radio. This delusion has triggered a kind of hysteria among otherwise serious journalists. It's sad to see respected journalists dedicating all their time to unimportant issues. Gossip attracts readers, but how many bloggers are there whose blogs are really read regularly? And what does the fact that the most popular words for blog searches are 'sex' and 'porn' tell us?"

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