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Schneider, Peter

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La Repubblica - Italy | 16/12/2011

Peter Schneider on the futile image of the evil German

The cover picture of this week's US news magazine Newsweek features the German Chancellor along with the headline "Achtung! It's Angela" and accuses Angela Merkel of having intensified Europe's crisis with her hesitant stance. German author Peter Schneider agrees with this view in the left-liberal daily La Repubblica: "Cool Germany, the attractive and likeable Germany of the 2006 World Cup. ... That's what we were until yesterday. But now the image of the ugly German, the evil German has re-emerged. ... Conjuring up the image of the German baddie is doubtless a convenient excuse for those countries that need to consolidate their budgets and budget planning. Laying the blame on the nasty Germans is on the one hand the easiest way to divert attention from their own mistakes. ... But on the other Angela Merkel's European partners are right to accuse her of never saying what was expected of her at the right moment. This began with the Greek crisis. First she said that Greece shouldn't be helped and then that it should. The chancellor left the question pending for so long that the cost of bailing the country out tripled."

Der Spiegel - Germany | 25/05/2009

Peter Schneider on Germany's '68 movement in a new light

Karl-Heinz Kurras, the West German policeman who shot student Benno Ohnesorg on 2 June 1967, was allegedly a spy for the East German Ministry of State Security. Ohnesorg's death led to the radicalisation of the 1968 student movement. Peter Schneider, one of the movement's spokesmen, writes about the affair in the German weekly Der Spiegel: "I'm more inclined to believe that Karl-Heinz Kurras is still just the dreadful, weak and aggressive wretch he always was. A trigger-happy policeman and weapons fanatic who, as we have now learned, secretly sold his soul to the better German state: the 'peace camp', the only 'anti-fascist state on German soil'. Perhaps a figure in a novel. A weapons enthusiast, champion marksman and peace lover - these two passions apparently thrived side by side in perfect harmony. And when things got serious, in the courtyard of Krumme Straße 66/67 [where Ohnesorg was shot], he spontaneously and probably feeling completely unthreatened plumped for the passion he mastered in his sleep. The question now is whether Kurras the Stasi spy shot because he wanted to prove to his West Berlin colleagues that he was a man who could be relied on."

La Repubblica - Italy | 05/08/2008

German-Italian car problems

German writer Peter Schneider describes in La Repubblica a problem that affects all owners of cars with German registration numbers and first or second residences in Italy: the lack of an EU treaty on regular safety inspections. "As the inspection date draws closer the problems begin: How to get hold of the inspection tag quickly and cheaply? Switzerland spares its citizens and car owners the journey by recognising the Italian tags. But Germans have no choice; they are forced to cross the border. In addition to the time and money this involves there is also the matter of the impact on the environment and the extra energy consumption. I am thinking about the impact of my journey on carbon dioxide emissions. ... How can it be that two countries that are both founding members of the EU have not yet signed a pact on inspection tags even though millions of German cars are circulating on Italian roads and vice versa?"

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