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Schmidt, Lothar

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Die Welt - Germany | 10/05/2007

Ferran Adrià on cuisine and art

Spanish super-chef Ferran Adrià, who runs the restaurant El Bulli on the Costa Brava, is taking part in this year's Documenta in Kassel. He tells Lothar Schmidt about his project for the exhibition. "The definition of art is a debate that is hundreds of years old. And the art of cuisine is also very old. There are two simple answers: First, something is art if the art world decides that it is art. Photography, for example, was not considered art until someone said, 'Listen, as of now photography can also be art.' The same with fashion, cinema, and so on. The other answer is: Art is anything that you decide it should be… I don't care if haute cuisine is art or not. In that respect I agree with Roger Buergel, the Documenta director. What I find good about the invitation is that it will lead to reflection of the issue. The experience you have in certain restaurants is comparable to experiences in the world of art."

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