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Schmidt, Hans-Jörg

Schmidt, Hans-Jörg

Hans-Jörg Schmidt is a freelance Czech Republic and Slovakia correspondent for euro|topics as well as for several German-language newspapers, including Die Welt. He studied journalism and has lived in Prague since 1990. In 2006, the Christoph-Links-Verlag published his book "Tschechien - eine Nachbarschaftskunde für Deutsche".

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The author has so far published 2 articles on euro|topics.

1.  Debate | 11/01/2008

The New Europe without Borders

Visiting neighbours without border controls: On 21 December 2007 nine new states became part of the Schengen area – a step that has a very varied reception in different parts of Europe. » more

2.  Debate | 11/04/2007

Is the US Missile Defence System Dividing Europe?

The US wants to install bases for its long-planned missile defence shield in Europe. Last year it persuaded Poland and the Czech Republic to participate in the project. It wasn't until Russia protested vigorously at the beginning of the year that the arms project became the subject of a pan-European debate. » more

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Die Welt - Germany | 23/04/2007

A fictitious Czech cubist painter

The lyrical Cubist pictures by Czech painter Bohumil Samuel Kecir, who according to a report by Czech correspondent Hans-Jörg Schmidt never existed, are popular in the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. "The painter's resumé, which was probably invented, sounds good and even identity-shaping in a country like the Czech Republic, which is having a hard time with its national roots. Kecir was allegedly born in 1904 in Moravia to a Jewish mother... During the Nazi occupation of Bohemia and Moravia the Gestapo is supposed to have arrested him and sent him to a concentration camp. Not only was Kecir traumatised by his experiences there but after the war the anti-art Communists allegedly locked him away in an asylum in Brno... A tragedy of these dimensions wins the hearts of even Western art collectors. There aren't many who can claim a forgotten Czech for their own, and a Cubist at that."

Die Welt - Germany | 28/08/2006

New elections in the Czech Republic?

The small Czech Christian Democratic party has announced that it will not form part of a coalition government which is dependent on the support of the Communist Party. Czech correspondent Hans-Jörg Schmidt approves of the move: "Any thoughts of making a deal with the old cadre are out of the question, even if this means that the long wait for a new government is prolonged even further. However, the only Czech party leader to have stuck to his principles in what has become an entirely divided political landscape in the three months since the elections is conservative election winner Mirek Topolanek. He is determined to prevent the communists from having a say in the country's fate… If the parties can't agree on a programme then they should at least support Topolanek's proposal to open the way for new elections. That would be the best way out of this stalemate situation."

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 22/05/2006

The Czech Republic's "lack of endurance"

In a guest commentary Hans-Jörg Schmidt, the Prague correspondent of the German newspaper "Die Welt", comments on the Czech Republic's parliamentary elections in June and warns that grand coalitions don't necessarily bring great results. "On the contrary, Germany is an excellent example." He goes on to say that he finds it remarkable "that the non-socialist parties are bathing in the success of their counterparts in Slovakia and holding them up as models. I doubt that the Czechs have as much endurance as the Slovaks did under reform Prime Minister Mikulas Dzurinda... The major lesson to be learned from the last German elections is: everyone supports reforms as long as they're not directly affected by them. In this respect, the Czechs are very like the Germans."

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