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Schlegel, Matthias

Matthias Schlegel is Editor in the Political Department of the Berlin "Tagesspiegel”. He specializes in the new federal states and the history of the GDR.

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1.  Article | 05/02/2008

18 years after the opening of the Stasi archives

For many countries in Middle and Eastern Europe, Germany is seen as a trailblazer in dealing with the communist past. There is however still one analysis, the end of which is not in sight. Matthias Schlegel gives an interim report. » more

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Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | 03/11/2014

Gauck must stay out of day-to-day politics

Seven weeks after the election in the German state of Thuringia the polling of members of the Social Democratic SPD on whether the party should form an alliance with the Left Party and the Greens ends today, Monday. German President Joachim Gauck voiced reservation on the weekend about the Left Party as the successor of former East Germany's communist party, the SED. Gauck should stay away from party politics, the liberal daily Der Tagesspiegel criticises: "The course his life took and his family circumstances made Joachim Gauck a hater of communists in the past. ... Later on, as the guardian of the records of that spying apparatus, his uncompromising and often fierce words against the East German dictatorship made him the target of considerable criticism and even hostility. But in that capacity he saw himself as the victims' advocate. For them he became an icon. This same impulse may have driven him today - but now he is the envoy and representative of Germany, which for good reason has determined that this post should be 'free' of day-to-day and party politics."

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