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Schlegel, Martin

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Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | 30/05/2007

The lack of women in East Germany

"The desertification of East Germany is not affecting both sexes equally; it is affecting one sex more - the male one. It is mainly women, young women, who are the driving force behind the exodus from East Germany. They go to seek their fortune in West Germany or abroad, leaving behind a landscape disfigured by unemployed, beer-guzzling males who hang around chip shops or watch sport on TV all day. The only thing that thrives here are neuroses," writes Martin Schlegel after reading a study conducted by Berlin scientists according to which there is a 25 percent surplus of men in the former East German states. The study concludes that since the fall of the Berlin Wall 1.5 million East Germans - many of them young and educated women - have left their homes for West Germany and other destinations in search of work. "If we look closely at the facts the future does indeed look frightening. Where there are no women, there is no future."

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